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  • Centrally located
  • Primary School Grade to 5 
  • Middle School Grade to 8 
  • Cambridge inspired curriculum
  • Individual attention with small class size
  • Hands on learning
  • Nurturing teachers
  • Focus on critical thinking
  • Real world application of social skills
English Icon

Focus on essential oral and written communication skills as First Language of the student

Math Icon

Support a critical thinking mindset with heuristic based problem solving methods. Focuses on reasoning and mental processes.

Science Icon
Enviormental Science

Introduction to processes and skills necessary for a solid foundation in Science dealt with Multi-Divisional Integrated Thematic Approach.

Tech Icon
Computer Science

Use technology in subjects that are liked, Students familiarise themselves that are new, logical and slowly learn abstraction and other Computer Science concepts.

Second Language Learning
Second Language Learning

Foreign Language is taught as a second language for additional language skill environment 

Exercise Icon
Physical Education

Fosters teamwork and healthy habits for a life of good decisions. Designed to help in maintenance of physical and mental well being of the students.

Art Icon
Art & Craft

Support natural curiosity and expression by teaching skills in a variety of mediums.


Skill Acquisition and Enhancement program

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