Withdrawal Policy

  1. KKIS has in place a fair and reasonable withdrawal policy.
  2. The Management Team regularly reviews the withdrawal policy to ensure that it is adequate, relevant and effective.
  3. All reviews, as well as any changes implemented, are documented in meeting minutes.
  4. Assessing and replying to any request for withdrawal will be done within 02 weeks.

Withdrawal Procedures

  1. The withdrawal policy is clearly communicated to all its Students via multiple channels:
    1. Student Contract
    2. Student Handbook

  2. During the pre-course counselling stage, prospective students and their parents are briefed about the withdrawal policy and procedures by the Admissions officer. The officer Admission will also address any queries that the prospective Students may have.

  3. Upon acceptance into KKIS, the student’s parent will sign the Student Contract which states clearly the conditions of premature contract termination as well as the fees that may or may not be refunded under such conditions.

  4. The various conditions under which either KKIS or the Student’s parents may choose to terminate the course agreement are stated clearly in the Student Contract. The payment liabilities and/or any refund entitlements under each of these conditions are also stated in the Student Contract. 

  5. For all withdrawal requests- a written application at least two months in advance has to be sent to the HOS with copy to the advisory teacher. The applications are to be verified and confirmed by the HOS prior to further processing. Once a withdrawal request is confirmed, the Finance person will be notified to process the refund if any.

  6. The Finance person is responsible to ensure all supporting documents are submitted and that the Student is entitled to a refund, before proceeding with any refund processing with the bank.

  7. Refunds, when entitled to, will be done within seven (7) working days of KKIS receiving the Student’s written notice.

  8. Withdrawal records are kept for at least five (05) years. They are easily retrievable for audit purposes.

  9. Staff dealing with admissions, Student affairs and finance are conversant with KKIS’s withdrawal procedures and demonstrate strict adherence. 

  10. The Management Team regularly reviews the procedures pertaining to withdrawal to ensure that they are adequate, relevant and effective. 

  11. All reviews, as well as any changes implemented, are documented in meeting minutes.